Spotlight on: The Winter Passing [Interview]

This week we chat with Kate from Ireland’s The Winter Passing and get to talk about a lot of our favorite topics at Concert Archives like first/favorite concerts, bucket lists, etc. The Winter Passing just released their second album New Ways of Living on the labels Big Scary Monsters & Counter Intuitive Records. Don’t miss it!


Backstage Pass: What’s the first concert you went to?

Kate: My first ever concert was very proudly: Avril Lavigne in the RDS in Dublin. My Dad took me and it was a completely seated event. While every other person (with ties & wristbands on) stood on the seats and screamed our little Sk8r boi hearts out, my Dad sat down staring into space for the full gig. 😁

BP: What’s the first show you ever played as individuals/previous bands? First show as The Winter Passing?

Kate: The first time I ever performed was as part of a covers band with some friends and my brother. We played in a local town hall along with some of the cool older musicians in town, who had all started writing their own music by then. We actually used to get a good crowd despite the fact that there was no actual music scene there. My first show with The Winter Passing was in Dublin in a really cool venue called Thomas House. 

BP: What’s your favorite concert you’ve ever been to? Favorite concert you’ve ever played?

Kate: My favourite concert I’ve ever been to was probably the first time I ever saw Jimmy Eat World in Dublin. For TWP gigs, playing 2000 Trees in the UK was a pretty amazing show for me. I didn’t look out into the crowd for almost 3 songs because I was afraid of looking up and seeing that no one was there. By the time I looked up though, the tent was full and we were all just buzzing from that!

BP: First tour/show outside your hometown?

Kate: Our first tour was in the UK with a band called Forrest from Wales. It was such a cool time for us as people and as a band to be out on our first tour. I still think really fondly on that tour, despite not knowing what was ahead of us. 

BP: First international show?

Kate: Woah. I had to dig deep into the archive for this but it was in Glasgow on our first ever tour and at a vegan restaurant called The 13th Note. 

BP: First “big” tour?

Kate: Our first “big” tour was with Moose Blood in the UK.


BP: Have you done any live streams yet during quarantine, or plan to?

Kate: We recently did a live stream for an Irish music publication called Hot Press. It was our first live stream as a band so it was pretty strange but really fun. It felt great to play music again, in any form.

BP: Favorite song to play live?

Kate: I think “Like Flowers Ache for Spring” is a firm favourite for me to play live because it’s one I can have a lot of fun with. 

BP: Favorite venue to play?

Kate: I think The Grand Social in Dublin. It’s such a cool looking venue, it almost looks like the inside of a circus tent. We played our record release of our first LP there and it’s one of my favourite show memories. 


BP: You’ll be back in the US for Fest next year! Have you played there before? What are you most excited for about the event?

Kate: We’ve played Fest twice now. Both times were definitely a highlight for us as a band because we had always wanted to go to Fest so to play it was pretty sick. I think I’m most excited for the event to actually happen and play shows again! The line up is ridiculously good and I can’t wait to see Sheer Mag. Also, I’m really excited to go and eat all the ice cream at Karma Cream that I hope will be still there! 

BP: Which song(s) from the new album are you most excited to play live?

Kate: “The Street and The Stranger” is a definite favourite for me from the new record and I can’t wait to play it live. 

Bucket List

BP: If you could tour with any band, who would you love to tour with?

Kate: I’m going to say Jimmy Eat World because that would be a dream come true on so many levels for me. 

BP: Any festivals/venues on your bucket list to play?

Kate: At this point, I think we’d play at the opening of an envelope just to play a show, but if we’re talking bucket lists, I would love to play Riot Fest! I think the Olympia in Dublin is a big bucket list for me too, since it’s iconic and one of the nicest rooms in Ireland, in my opinion. 

Thanks Kate for taking the time to chat with us! Follow the band on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and check out their new album on Spotify or grab a copy from Counter Intuitive.

Want to catch them live? Catch them at FEST in Florida next October, or opening for Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties on their UK tour this August/September. No dates near you? Follow them on Bandsintown to be the first to know when they announce more.

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